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Strive UK is a British Muslim socio-cultural and advocacy organisation (affiliated to the MCB) set up by young Muslim activists based in the UK


Bridging Communities

Promoting better inter faith understanding among communities and express solidarity when faith based institutions are under attack by hate groups

Upcoming Events


We are organising a book club for kids and youngsters. We all know the importance of ‘Reading’ in our religion. Reading is how we learn about the world, our Lord and religion. How and what we learn will influence life in this world and the hereafter. Our kids read, but do they read with same ethics and demand our religion asks them? Our aim is to encourage and guide them to read through an ethical and moral lens. 


We organize regular Tafakkur talks and events that inspire intellectual discussions and spiritual nourishment. Tafakkur in Islam is considered by scholars to be an act of worship. It literally means to think on a subject deeply, systematically, and in great detail.



StriveUK volunteers mobilises activists and organises interfaith programmes, community events, webinars and lends supports to other activist organisations


Women’s Conference that brought together several intellectuals, activists, community leaders, academics and students that articulated the leading role of women and the need to lead even more to a more socially equitable and prosperous society.


The objective of the workshop was to help parents with valuable insights into the challenges facing our children in the context of current British society, and to lead them to be exemplary British citizens – proud of their faith and productive with their lives.
The workshop was led by eminent Muslim Youth Organizer Dr Kamran Deen ( He has been successful in supporting and inspiring thousands of young Muslims across the UK.
The program included talks and interactive sessions including a special session where children were the participants and we saw and discussed matters through their prisms.


A talk on Climate Change and Environment. An Islamic Perpective by Sheikh Haytham Tamim


Bringing together some of the biggest icons of a truly grass root movement against an overwhelmingly discriminatory and sectarian law – the webinar offered participants a ring side view of the protests and why it was our civic duty to extend solidarity.

The Hindu ecosystem creates propaganda material, comes up with toxic narratives, and manufactures trends across social media platforms to whip up communal hatred and bigotry, and support for Hindutva.

Our silence is deafening, our inaction is crippling. Speak up against the genocide of our times. Let's join
@arslan_hidayat to hear more about #UighurGenocide

#StandWithUyghurs #HumanRights #UyghurGenocide #Uyghurs #UighurMuslims

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