About Us

We are a British Muslim socio-cultural and advocacy organisation (affiliated to the MCB), set up by young Muslim activists based in the UK. A multicultural organization appropriately representative of Britain, our country wide members include people from all walks of life – professionals, students, academics and full-time social workers.

We are committed to empowering community members, espouse social justice programmes and collaborate with like-minded groups to promote a more egalitarian society. We are prepared to unlearn, challenge norms and call out on bias unapologetically. We aim to empower our fellow citizens to lead full lives by encouraging social, political and religious engagement.

Strive UK was founded in 2017 and we are a small network of diverse British Muslims. In this brief space we managed to host regular seminars and workshops for adults and children on themes and topics of contemporary relevance to create social awareness. We tap into our members’ generosity and have partnered relief works across the world. Our flagship ‘Women’s Conference’ was organised by utilizing the diverse skill set of our members and successfully brought together some of the country’s most inspirational women activists to help the fight against institutional misogyny and Islamophobia.