We Love Our Prophet

We Love Our Prophet (ﷺ) But what Does He Love?

Create a 60 second speech, song, poetry recital, short film or any artistic expression in English

The competition is now over and the winners were announced

First stage Details below

  • The competition was held in 2 stages.
  • After the first round, we had 10 wonderful entries who made to the finals.
  • The finalists presented their entries, which was a live performance in front of judges
  • Dr Yvonne Ridley (Secretary-General of the European Muslim Union),
  • Dr Kamran Deen (Muslim Youth Organiser),
  • Sister Rashidat Hassan  (Assistant Secretary-General MCB)

Rules and Regulations

1. All entry should be sent in as an audio or a video clip.

2. The total length from start to end should be 60 seconds.

3. The medium should be English although Arabic words can be used to quote Quran verses or prophet sayings.

4. The input should not exceed a size of 250 MB, and should shared via Google drive to the email Id .

5. An email should be sent  to the above mentioned email id once the file is shared to ensure the final version is not edited. You may edit the final version as long as you are before the deadline. But you should ensure you send an email every time you upload a newer version.

6. The final version should not be put up on any media before the final event.

7. The following details must be provided along with submission.
     Title of the file

8. The participation can be in group but must follow within the above said rules. 

9. The deadline for submission is 11:59 PM October 25th.

10. You will receive a notification when you are Shortlisted for the live event.

11. You may choose to perform the same entry or a different one for the live event.

12. You may have an extended time to perform on the live event which may be upto 3 minutes. This may however be revised based on the number of participants who qualify for the live event. You will be informed of the updated rules when you happen to qualify to the live event.

13. If you choose to participate with a short film or a time-lapse of a drawing or painting and you qualify for the live event  then for the live event you may have your short film or time-lapse ready and shared before the event to be shown tot he judges and the audience. 
The submitted input that portray or otherwise include inappropriate and/or offensive content, including provocative dressing, violence, human rights and/or environmental violation, and/or any other contents deemed to be contrary to the law, religious, cultural & moral traditions and practices, are strictly prohibited and will be immediately discarded.

Judging criteria

The focus of judging the event will be focused in the following order, with the first one given the most importance 

• Adherence/Appropriateness to Theme/Topic.

• Innovative Means of Delivering Message.

• Uniqueness of Concept.

• Creativity.

• Entertainment Value.

• Audience Appeal.

• Visual or audio clarity.

• Technical Completeness. 

Some tips that you can consider preparing 

You may think outside the box and present your ideas but here are a few tips that you think of

* Any form of Speech

* Any form of Song

* Poetry recitation 

* Short film

* Time lapse of



         other art

* Monologue or dialogue 

* Dramatic reading of his stories

* Speaking with Pictorial art

* Mime

* Documentary (ensure you don’t pick videos that are copy right protected) 

* Puppet show

* Presenting a story with toy characters or objects

* Think out load innovate and come up with beautiful thoughts and express your love of what the prophet loved