Strive Book Club

Strive Book Club 2021

Encourage and Guide Kids Reading

Our children are our future and bringing them up as responsible, muslim individuals is crucial the way we see it. We want our children to not have just the main-stream narrative and understanding of various topics around them. We want them to be confident young muslims who have clarity in thinking and are well equipped to challenge norms. Reading can contribute a lot towards achieving that.

We realise that there is a clear gap in the content that our children are exposed to, and we as parents must do what we can to bridge that gap. Most of us parents know that we should be doing more but just don’t have that guidance and this is where the idea of a book club came about.

We have done the hard work of choosing age appropriate books that can give significant learning on various topics. In each age-group we have chosen books from genres of fiction, non-fiction, poems, biographies etc (please see our first book- list below)

We have successfully completed our first set of books with our first set of around 50 young readers in a 3- month period and we are looking to enrol more this time. If you missed out the first time, please consider enrolling your chid/children at the earliest opportunity.

So what are we waiting for? Inform us your kid’s interest to participate by completing the below registration form so that we can plan the format.

May Allah make our kids the leaders of our community.