Strive Book Club

Strive Book Club 2021

Encourage and Guide Kids Reading

We all know the importance of ‘Reading’ in our religion. Reading is how we learn about our Lord and religion. How and what we learn will influence life in this world and the hereafter. Our kids read, but do they read with same ethics and demand our religion asks them. Many books they read, give them a materialistic take on life.

StriveUK is organising a book club for our kids and youngsters. Our main aim is to encourageand guide them to read through an ethical and moral lens. We understand your worries, whether your kids would be interested. We are planning to make it interesting with fiction, non-fiction, poems, biographies suitable for every age and include reflections, discussions and prizes. Let’s bring out the reader and writer in them.

So what are we waiting for? Inform us your kid’s interest to participate by completing the below registration form so that we can plan the format.

May Allah make our kids the leaders of our community.